Project & Roadmap

Project Management Structure

The management structure for the UNICOS project, documented in the EDMS:2114678 document, aims at strengthening the participation of the user’s community in the definition of priorities and the long-term evolution of the project.

The following bodies are involved:

  • The Users Meeting (UM) is a forum for information dissemination about the project and to capture users’ requests.

  • ​The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible for the day-to-day decisions in the UNICOS project.

  • The Advisory Committee (AC) is responsible for strategical decisions that may have an impact on the long-term evolution of the project.

  • The Project Management in BE-ICS which listens to the recommendations from the Technical and Advisory Committees and takes the final decision on the steering of the project based on the available resources..

The mandates and membership for them may be found in the document quoted above.


The project covers: the UNICOS SCADA , all uCPC baselines and templates, as well as the UAB (Unicos Application Builder).


The UNICOS Users' Meeting is open for public; in the past this was the forum to discuss and present the plan of work and priorities (these roles have been delegated to the TC and AC meetings). The complete list of past user meetings may be found in INDICO.
The UNICOS Technical Committee (INDICO) and UNICOS Advisory Committee (INDICO), are closed forums; project management informs the users community (through UNICOS Users Meeting) about the outcome of discussions.


The long-term roadmap for the project, with list of large topics to be covered, is defined as a set of epics in the IS project of CERN Jira and could be seen in the dashboard. The priorities of the items in this roadmap's backlog is managed by the TC, and items are selected by the Project Management to be worked on for yearly releases of UNICOS based on the expressed and agreed priorities. As explained in the Project Organization document (see top of the page), the final decision on the content of the Plan of Work stays with the Project Management. The order of priorities (and list of tasks being worked on) may be changed throughout the year if demanded/agreed by the technical committee.
The Kanban board for the project is at


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