Further development on the UNICOS project

These are the preliminary plans for the development on the UNICOS project

Future Releases

Release v1.10.1

  • Expected release date: June 2018
  • Main features: 
    • [TIA Portal] Full re-engineering and optimization including support for TIA Portal V14.
    • [Schneider] Support for Redundancy
    • Improvements in Multi-runner tool.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Minor bugfixes


Current Release
Release v1.10.0 (major) Release Notes
  • Release date: 18 January 2018.
  • New Features/Improvements:
    • Generation:
      • Support for Reverse engineering functionality for the Vacuum package.
      • Improvements in multi-runner tool.
      • Added new front ends to CPC-COMM.
    • Supervision:
      • Animation of cpcLineComm widget when no communication.
      • Support for new alert classes.
      • Support for alarms in Word and Analog Status Objects.
      • Support for WinCCOA database export with PLC current values.
      • Option modes added to device configuration items.
      • Help button available in faceplates leading to the device help.
      • Improvements in hierarchy panel.
      • "Block IO error" button introduced in faceplates.
    • Control:
      • [All Platforms] Hysteresis function.
      • [Siemens] Fast Interlocks functionality.
      • [Siemens] Support for IO error evaluation of ET200 SP modules.
      • [Schneider] New FE Encoding Type to integrate SIPART in PROFIBUS with M580.
      • [TIA Portal] Forcing output allowed in the Integral Function of PID.
      • [TIA Portal] Bug in Read_Profibus_DP function fixed.
      • [TIA Portal] TIA Command Line Interface (CLI) integrated in UAB.


  • Bugfixes:
    • Supervision:
      • Wrong animation of Stepper transition and stepper widget enlarged to display the label correctly.
    • Control:
      • [All Platforms] Prevent Field Objects from starting when Interlock active.
      • [Siemens] Problem with large PLC cycle time and PIDs sampling time fixed.
      • [Siemens] Concurrency issues when executing interruption for PIDs fixed.
      • [TIA Portal] Bugs in PID scheduler fixed.
      • [TIA Portal] TSPP addressing bug fixed.
      • [TIA Portal] Bug in Read_Profibus_DP function fixed.
      • [TIA Portal] IO access function for Analog Status fixed.


Past Releases

Release 1.9.1 [released] (major) Release notes

  • Release date: 9 Dec 2016
  • Main features: Documentation
    • Generation tools
      • TIA portal based applications for Siemens S7-1500 PLCs
      • Change to new spec format (xlsx)
      • Enter default value for any column in the spec
      • Keep user comments (rows 2-5) in the spec after upgrade
      • Allow the selection of “user libraries” from CPC Wizard
      • Re-engineering of the COMM front-ends (new CPC-Comm Wizard).
        • This includes CMW, OPC UA, BACnet, Modbus/S7 polling
    • Control:
      • Schneider new PLCs: M580 series 20, series 40 (Ethernet/IP) + redundancy (HSBY)
      • Siemens Step7: fix issue with large number of objects (AA, WS, etc)
      • Siemens Step7: IO Error bug fix, improvement based on min/max range, and IO Error detection for non-Siemens Profinet IOs devices.
      • Touch Panel TIA Portal WinCC Flexible : new baseline using pop-up faceplate feature: much better performance!
    • Supervision & operation
      • Allow user to specify a Master/PCO which is in another PLC
      • Integration of additional information in device (History tab)
      • Added possibility to find panel(s) where an object (alias) is used
    • Specific features and bugfixes:
      • All issues - see JIRA
  • NOTE: PVSS v3.11SP1 will not be supported after EYETS 2016

Release 1.8.0 [released] (mayor) Release notes

  • Release date: 16 Oct 2015
  • Main features: (JIRA new features) Documentation
    • Generation tools:
      • Integration of PLC suppliers project actions (e.g. import/compile) from UAB
      • Reverse engineering: Schneider projects
    • Control
      • Regulation: PID auto-tuning algorithms 
      • New devices: Stepping motor for motion based applications.
    • Supervision & operation:
      • Comments on devices: general tool
      • Front-end smooth importation (no need to stop distributed and/or driver when importing a new front-end and/or new devices)
    • Specific features and bugfixes:
      • All issues - see JIRA

Release 1.7.0 [released] (mayor) Release notes

  • Release date: 27th August 2014
  • Main features: (JIRA new features). Documentation
    • Generation tools:
      • Availability of CMW front-ends by generation (CMW clients)
      • All Logic Generators:
        • Table of logic sections automatically updated on generation, no need to click 'Reload Specs'
      • Schneider Generator:
        • Much faster for partial logic generation
        • Added option to output multiple files (1 per section) in a subdirectory
        • Allow user to generate just BL for field objects
    • Control:
      • Siemens S7 PLC Baseline 6.6 ( change list ):
        • Corrected bug with IO error evaluation in PA valves.
        • Corrected System Failure error reported in the PLC produced by the TSPP routine.
        • Corrected bug in PID default values which are not restored in a warm restart of the PLC.
      • Schneider Unity PLC Baseline 6.7 ( change list ):
        • Update baseline to Unity V7
        • Improved event buffering if communication loss
        • Fix Quantum event address issue
  • Supervision & operation:
    • Integration of additional information in the device faceplate (alarms, events)
  • Bugfixes:
    • JIRA bugs correction 
Release 1.6.0 [released] (mayor)
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Main features: (JIRA new features)
    • Generation tools:
      • New: Extended configuration (Recipes, CMW, DIP)
    • Control:
      • Fix compatibility issues with large CRYO applications (Siemens)

      • Fast interlock actions (<10 ms) on Siemens PLCs
      • Codesys compatibility: IPCs platforms. First baseline release
    • Supervision & operation:
      • Local Panels: Schneider Magelis

      • Local Panels: WinCC in TIA Portal

      • Compatible with SCADA WinCC OA v3.11 SP1 *
      • Message on Device mechanism
      • Multiple commands by device type
    • Bugfixes:

      • JIRA bugs correction* From this release we will only support WinCC OA v3.11 SP1. 
    • When generating UNICOS-CPC projects: If you still use PVSS v3.8 you must stay with v1.5.0 of the UCPC Wizard/RP.
NOTE: PVSS v3.8 will not be supported after LS1
 Release 1.5.0 closed (mayor)
  • Release date: 26th June 2013 5th July 2013
  • Documentation: UNICOS-CPC 1.5.x Documentation
  • ReadMe file: ReadMe_v1.5.0.html
  • Main features: (JIRA new features)
    • Generation Tools
      • UAB new architecture
      • Free and post-process user templates.
    • Control
      • PLC redundancy: Siemens S7-400H
      • Recipes in Schneider Quantum PLCs
      • Codesys compatibility: Schneider M258 (Somachine) (NOTE: baseline still not available, moved to November 2013 release)
    • Supervision & operation:
      • Compatible with SCADA WinCC OA v3.11 SP1 and PVSS v3.8 SP2*
      • Improvement on HMI ergonomics
  • Bugfixes:
    • JIRA bugs correction* 
      From this release we recommend CERN users use WinCC OA v3.11 SP1 for all new projects. 
      NOTE: PVSS v3.8 will not be supported after LS1 
 Release 1.4.1 closed (minor)

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