UNICOS Packages

An open framework

Based on the first implementation of UNICOS and following the needs for other types of control and/or
monitoring systems the UNICOS framework was extended. In the next figure the different packages with different front-end architectures are shown.


The UNICOS CPC (Continuous Process Control) package is a generic package devoted to develop industrial control applications. The package proposes a method to design and develop complete process control applications. It is based on the modelling of the process in a hierarchy of devices (I/Os, field and abstract control devices). These devices are used as a common language by process and control engineers to define the functional analysis of the process.
The package is deployed both in the supervision layer and in the PLCs (Schneider, Siemens and Codesys). Examples of existing applications using the CPC package are the LHC cryogenics control, the LHC Gas Control System (GCS), the collimators temperature interlock system and in general all the cooling and HVAC applications of CERN installations. For an exhaustive list check the applications page.
In addition to the methodology, several tools have been developed to automate the instantiation of the devices in the supervision and process control layers and generate either placeholders or complete PLC programs. The production of control code with this methodology is generally data-driven.
Customized devices can be added to the CPC package to cover new client requirements increasing the functionality of the package.

Other packages

There are other uses of the UNICOS framework only at the supervision level. Examples are the packages:

  • SURVEY: Alignment the focusing magnets of the LHC located on both sides of the experiments
  • QPS: (Quench Protection System) to display and configure the devices used to protect the superconducting elements of the LHC
  • PIC: the Powering Interlock Controller, to manage the powering permissions of the electrical circuits making the LHC
  • CIET: the cryogenics instrumentation expert tool to parametrize the cryogenics instrument signal conditioners.
  • POPS: he new power system that will feed the CERN PS accelerator magnets
  • MOON: A monitoring tool