UNICOS-CPC (UNICOS Continuous Process Control) is a package of UNICOS.

Continuous processes are defined as industrial processes in which a material or a task is produced continuously. A continuous process begins with an initiation, it operates continuously and it ends by a cessation.

The UCPC is a framework to create process control applications.  UCPC provides a set of objects libraries in both, control and supervision layers. They include Siemens and Schneider PLCs libraries in the control layer, and WinCC OA and WinCC flexible libraries in the supervision layer. 

The UCPC not only provides a well defined set of objects (types) but also:

  • an approach to model a process in units (IEC-61512)
  • a generic environment to develop the application specific control logic
  • a unified way of operating an industrial plant

At CERN, some examples of processes, where UCPC has been applied, are :

  • Cryogenic systems providing cold helium to thermal loads like superconducting magnets
  • Gas systems providing gas mixtures to particle detectors
  • Vacuum systems where special equipment pumps enclosures
  • Cooling systems providing cooling power to equipments and detectors (using water, CFC, PFC, etc.)
  • HVAC systems providing ventilation in experimental buildings and underground areas
  • Collimators enviromental temperatures 
  • ...

All documentation relative to UNICOS-CPC are available online, for the latest version see below. For older versions, see here: